Scratchy Throat Disturbance: How to Get Rid of a Cough

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How to Get Rid of a Cough

The flu season is usually accompanied by all ensuing consequences: sore throat, chest pain and fever are ready to take you hostage and not let out for a week or two. The result of flu responsible for sleep disruption doesn’t need presentation – it is cough. Of course, it can be caused by different factors, such as smoking, allergies, dry air, but in winter times it appears as flu companion. So, today you will learn how to get rid of a cough and what measures should be taken so that not to suffer in the bedroom instead of skiing and snowboarding during joyful winter months. The main secrets and recipes are thoroughly gathered to be described in the article.

Cough reasons

In fact, coughing is nothing but the way for our body to clear various irritants from the air passages. The irritation of special cells results in an involuntary action of air being pushed out of the lungs under pressure. The mechanism is rather simple but the phenomenon itself requires special treatment as fast as possible. Very often cough remains one of the most durable flu symptoms – it means that special attention should be paid to the problem and its solution.

Natural ingredients

There are many procedures and instructions on how to get rid of a cough; their stages and peculiarities are conveyed by word of mouth from one generation to another. So, if you prefer natural remedies to medicines, you are welcome to get to know more about them:

  1. Ginger
  2. This ingredient will relieve pain and make you feel better. There is a popular recipe used to get rid of painful feelings in throat: a grated piece of ginger should be boiled in a cup of water and mixed with honey. The healing powers of this magic beverage are beyond doubts.

  3. Lemon
  4. It is a source of vitamin C and, at the same time, of vital energy. If added to tea with honey, it brings relief and soothes a sore throat.

  5. Turmeric
  6. Turmeric powder is considered to be one of the best dry cough remedies. You should mix it with milk, warm for a minute and then drink: a stunning effect is guaranteed.

  7. Onion and garlic
  8. A perfect cough remedy can be made of onion extract and honey. If taken three times a day, it will cure the cough in two days. As to the garlic, it is another powerful natural ingredient. It kills microbes and can taste really great in a chicken soup, a nutritious source of energy for the patient.

  9. Raisins
  10. Raisins are the synonym of healthy food and lifestyle, but are also useful in the fight against cough. Take 100 grams of sugar and combine with 100 gram of grinded raisins, then add water, heating until the mixture becomes syrupy. Take 20 grams daily – say “Good-bye” to cough!

Simple Tips

  • Use a humidifier
  • It is especially useful in dry months, but do not forget to follow the instruction. If the humidifier is maintained wrongly, it can have the opposite effect, creating favorable conditions for mold and fungus to appear.

  • Take a hot shower
  • Both steam and hot water will contribute greatly to your recovery process. Their main purposes are to ease coughs and help to clear nasal passages from mucus.

  • No smoking
  • The “smoker’s cough” is an inevitable part of each smoker’s life and, unfortunately, it is only the first step to nowhere. Avoid smoky environments as well.

  • Drink more
  • It is another way to loosen mucus in throat. Drink warm herbal teas in order to soothe the pain and recover as fast as possible.

The more instructions on how to get rid of a cough are given, the more alternative variants of over-the-counter cough medicines can be observed. Take natural ingredients and do not let the cough determine your winter holidays!